Today in History for iPhone Review

History geeks will find time slipping away with the Today in History app for iPhone. It has a great list of historical snippets that link to Wikipedia articles, which is the perfect way to venture into the past.

Read the summary or browse the Wikipedia articles.

The launch screen has a timeline that users can scroll to view what happened on a particular date from modern to ancient times. The American Revolution, Civil War, Middle Ages, early Christianity – it’s all there. Tap each event for a list of external links to Wikipedia articles regarding the topic. For anyone who has not lost hours to Wikipedia, this will be the ultimate gateway drug.

The same kind of timeline is there for viewing births, deaths, and holidays. Those who like to sound off on historical subjects can create a count (connecting via Facebook is available) and leave comments. While testing out the app I did not notice a large number of comments, so it is unclear if this feature will take off.

If you like to see what happened on a particular date, such as your birthday, tap the date on the right-hand corner and change the month and day. If there is a particular event or person that you may want to revisit later, just tap the heart icon to save it to your favorites. Next to that is a mail icon that shares the event across social networks, email, or text message. One interesting option: tap copy to add the text of the event and a link to the app to your clipboard.

Today in History uses a font and color scheme that echoes an old-world map. At $1.99 it is well worth the cost for those who would enjoy a daily read on history

Download Today in History from the App Store ($1.99)

On Target:

  • Almost limitless historical facts
  • Links to Wikipedia articles

Off the Mark:

  • Social dimension is lacking


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