Tippy Tower for iPhone Review

Tippy Tower is like playing Tetris in reverse. Instead of trying to arrange falling, multi-shaped objects the player must construct them into towers that will hold their balance.

Each round begins with a group of shapes placed together on a platform. They must then be re-arranged through multi-touch gestures and built into a tower that reaches a specific height. However, lose a piece off of the platform and the round restarts.

Success requires keeping the tower in place long enough to satisfy the timer. After that happens the round is a success and it is on to another challenge.

For a wider panorama of the playing surface the player can pinch and zoom to expand or contract the view. This is useful for planning how to make the tower happen. Through later rounds the shapes get significantly more challenging, with circles and triangles joining a series of polygons. What players will need to remember is that the goal is not to create a building that must withstand the movements of the Richter scale. It just needs to hold out long enough to make it into the next round.

With that in mind, Tippy Tower is an excellent app for those who are looking for a solid, challenging game for their iPhone.

Download Tippy Tower from the App Store ($0.99)

On Target:

  • Fun concept
  • Responsive and stable application

Off the Mark:

  • Menu options are slow moving



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