Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 HD Review

After a long hiatus from a new release Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 HD arrives on the iPad with plenty of new features and revamped gameplay. There is a lot to like here, as EA Mobile has taken its time in re-tooling the game to integrate well with the iOS touch interface.

You begin by creating a golfer and customizing the gender, skin color and apparel choices. Unfortunately, you can not customize other aspects of the appearance, like facial features, height or muscles (may as well make yourself ripped).

You then can start playing a round of golf immediately or begin a PGA Tour season. Your golfer will be lacking in talent at first, so look to change this with good play. While playing regular rounds good performance will result in cash rewards which can be used to boost up the skill set, although it will take a few green jackets and trophies before you reach the Tiger level.

Controlling your golfer’s swing is very easy to figure out. The swing accuracy and power are determined through sliding your finger back and forth on a power meter. Sliding slightly to the left or right will draw or fade the shot. After the shot then spin the large golf ball icon in the direction you want the ball to spin when hitting the ground. Learning to choose the right club and swing type will also greatly aide your chances.

Along with the more traditional game modes there is a closest-to-the-pin contest that integrates with Facebook. By linking your account you can challenge your friends to match your pin-seeking skills. If you would rather take on somebody in a full round of golf, there is also multi-player available through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Despite a recent update, there are still a few stability issues. The app crashed twice when launching, and froze a couple of other times while testing.

Since the iPhone version of the game is on sale for $0.99, casual gamers may want to take advantage of that option. However, if you plan to invest some serious time into the game or are a golf enthusiast, the iPad option has enough going for it to be worth it.

Download Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 HD from the App Store

On Target:

  • Well-designed controls
  • Good gameplay options

Off the Mark:

  • Some stability issues


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