The Room is Mind-Challenging Thriller for iPad

The Room evokes many of the dark, mind-bending puzzle games that long dominated PCs. It is a beautiful game for iPad that will engross you with its tricky puzzles and excellent graphics.  

Your mission in The Room is to decipher a series of clues left by someone with the initials AS. The game begins with a cryptic letter and some introductory puzzles for you to unravel. Each clue involves using multi-touch; you will turn keys, rotate locks, and grab objects. The designers really use the iPad’s capabilities when it comes to gestures and multi-touch.

If a particular puzzle is giving you trouble, then tap the question mark icon in the upper left corner for a clue. There are usually three or four clues that can be cycled through if needed. Sometimes it is a simple as putting on the goggles, so be willing to give that a try.

The Room excels in creating a creepy, murky atmosphere. Each old furniture piece holds several mysteries, and is quite unwilling to yield them. It is one of those games that makes you want to keep at it until you have solved each piece. Many of the clues take a keen eye to spot them; I found several where I needed to return to the same furniture leg or lock to really eye what it was that I was supposed to solve. It can be frustrating, and rather tempting to burn through the clues to bring about a rapid end to the mental torture. Yet resist the urge and you may find yourself rewarded with a mental victory.

The Room gets tricky and puzzling in later rounds, so make sure this is the kind of game you want before purchasing. It is not one of those $0.99 impulse purchases, yet it is well worth it. It really makes you think, which is something not enough mobile games do. The Room is a quiet type of game for those who would rather ponder clues and work through difficulties.

I absolutely love The Room, and highly recommend it.

Download The Room from the App Store ($4.99, for iPad 2 and above)

On Target:

  • Excellent puzzles
  • Incredible graphics and environment

Off the Mark:

  • May frustrate some players


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