SwiftKey Stats Illuminate Trends

A world of SwiftKey - stats1SwiftKey has transformed our expectations of typing on a touch-screen device. SwiftKey’s keyboard has been one of the major factors in driving my switch from an iPhone to a Nexus 4 as my primary device (although that HTC One looks pretty amazing). 

The following post from Charlie Edmunds, Head of Consumer Insight for SwiftKey, looks at what the company’s data indicates about its usage worldwide. 

Last week we showed you what your SwiftKey stats mean; today we’re taking a look at the habits of SwiftKey users around the world. Based on our anonymous usage stats, we’ve got some very interesting insights about how different countries use SwiftKey and we’d love to share them.

Starting with size, the USA is the country with the most SwiftKey users – Google Play tells us that 42% of our users are in the States. But neighboring Mexico has the most productive typists, each entering 2,650 characters per day, compared to an average of 1,794. That’s enough to fill 19 tweets.

Denmark is the country with the most efficient typists – the average efficiency there is 37%, compared to 34% overall. Perhaps this is because Danish users love to use SwiftKey predictions – one in 15 of their words is chosen without typing a single letter (6.7%, vs 4.3% on average). [Read more…]

Swiftkey Flow Beta Rethinks Gesture Typing

Swiftkey Flow, the popular Android keyboard’s take on Swype, is launching today in beta. It seeks to combine gesture-based typing with the Swiftkey’s strong predictive text capabilities.

I have been using the beta myself for about a week and have been very impressed. As someone who prefers to thumb type on a mobile device, I found Swiftkey Flow’s predictive capabilities strong enough to make me use the swiping feature. The new version is available from the Swiftkey site for the company’s “VIP” beta testers. 

The beta launch includes what Swiftkey is calling “Flow Through Space,” whereby users can glide their finger across the keyboard amongst letters and the spacebar without needing to lift it for new words. A key component of this is Swiftkey’s predictive text technology, which attempts to learn what you are likely to write based on your past usage.

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SwiftKey Squashes Bugs, Adds Fuchsia

Popular Android keyboard SwiftKey is rolling out an update today that fixes a number of bugs and adds two vibrant color schemes. The version 3.0.1 update brings performance improvements (especially for those using a Jelly Bean device), adds Sky and Fuchsia color schemes, and Malay and Urdu to the language pack. This brings the total number of supported languages to 44.  [Read more…]