Google Maps for iPhone Review

It has been the unending question ever since iOS 6 launched: when will a Google Maps for iPhone app arrive?

The question was finally answered late Wednesday when Google Maps for iPhone went live in the App Store. As many of the late-night reviews have noted, it looks great. The entire package is better than the former Apple created, Google-powered version of Maps that existed previously.

The interface makes use of white space and a minimalist font for a modern look. It shares the same design aesthetic as the new Gmail and the Google search app.

In many ways it is superior to the old Google Maps experience on the iPhone. There are sharper details and the capability to sync information with your Google account. Star an item, save a trip, or track location history while entering your Google account details.  [Read more…]

Google Maps Offline coming to Android

Google Maps offline is a perk that is coming soon to Android devices.  At its Google Maps event today in San Francisco, the company unveiled the new feature along with other improvements and upgrades to its Google maps service for mobile devices and the web. [Read more…]

Editorial: An Apple Maps Opportunity

There has been widespread reporting that Apple will be ditching Google Maps in favor of its own solution. According to online reports the unveiling of an in-house Apple maps will take place at WWDC alongside the introduction of iOS 6.

There is sufficient evidence to believe that this will actually happen. The reports are from online sources that have been right about these kinds of things in the past. Additionally, Apple also has already ditched Google Maps in the iOS version of iPhoto. Yet for such a monumental shift, it better be outstanding.  [Read more…]