Duo Gamer Controller Review

If a new iPad was under your tree, you may have wondered if some of those first-person shooters could be better served with a controller.

Fortunately, the answer is “yes.” Fresh off of a discount, the Duo Gamer controller offers a well-built controller for navigating through Modern Combat or other games created by Gameloft.

Many of the initial reviews balked at its original price of $79.99, which was entirely too high. Gameloft appears to have heard this concern, recently dropping the price almost in half to $39.99.

Outside of feeling a little bulky with its awkward shape, the Gameloft DUO Controller is a great tool. It includes a stand that, while also a little large, does a good job at propping up the screen so it is at eye level.

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Orc Vengeance Update Improves Controls


One of the best games of the year has a significant new improvement to its control scheme. Orc: Vengeance, my favorite game to hit iOS in 2012, now has a virtual control stick and on-screen button layout that greatly improves the gaming experience. I found one can quickly attack enemies and maneuver through the game with much greater ease.

I find it more natural to play with the joystick, as the previous method of tapping where you wanted to go to become a little tiring over time. The new controls are positions so one can easily hold the iPad with two hands, much like a game controller. [Read more…]

The Room is Mind-Challenging Thriller for iPad

The Room evokes many of the dark, mind-bending puzzle games that long dominated PCs. It is a beautiful game for iPad that will engross you with its tricky puzzles and excellent graphics.   [Read more…]

Asphalt 7: Heat Review

Asphalt 7 scored the lauded Game of the Week nod from the App Store, likely due to its sharp graphics and gyroscope-enhanced controls. It executes the gameplay well – as long as you can avoid the frequent pitches to make the game social or upgrade components with real money. [Read more…]

Men in Black 3 Game is for Problem Solvers

Experience being an agent by playing Men In Black 3. Complete tasks, do investigations, work with other agents, and fight the bad guys to accomplish given missions.

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Shark Dash is High-Flying Fun

Shark Dash applies a successful formula with flawless execution for another hit game. The physics-based game for iOS and Android has leaped to the top of the bestseller lists on the App Store and Google Play. [Read more…]

Air Monkey Review

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Sometimes a one-function game is all that is needed. Such is the case with Air Monkey. [Read more…]

Tippy Tower for iPhone Review

Tippy Tower is like playing Tetris in reverse. Instead of trying to arrange falling, multi-shaped objects the player must construct them into towers that will hold their balance.

Each round begins with a group of shapes placed together on a platform. They must then be re-arranged through multi-touch gestures and built into a tower that reaches a specific height. However, lose a piece off of the platform and the round restarts.

Success requires keeping the tower in place long enough to satisfy the timer. After that happens the round is a success and it is on to another challenge.

For a wider panorama of the playing surface the player can pinch and zoom to expand or contract the view. [Read more…]

Spoing for iPhone Review

Spoing is a solid physics-based game that requires careful concentration.

With Spoing the player must launch what looks like an unshaven Pac-Man through a series of dungeons. Do this by sending Spoing flying from one trampoline to another, Angry Birds style, yet ensuring accurate aim for a safe landing.

Bats, spiders, large tongues, cannons and other enemies get in the way, which requires the player to aim carefully when launching from one platform to another. The goal is to collect a series of crystals at the top of each dungeon. Faster finishes, however, are more valuable. [Read more…]