Google Play: What’s the Hype About?

Google made a big splash today by rolling out Google Play, it’s rebranded storefront for apps, music, movies, and books. It replaces the Android Market and streamlines its various content offerings under one storefront.

Yet beyond branding, what has changed? Not much. The switch to Google Play does not offer any more content; it repackages what is already there. Yet it speaks to Google’s large ambitions about serving as a digital entertainment hub. [Read more…]

The Sims 3 for Android Review

EA Mobile has made The Sims 3 available for Android, bringing all the fun and adventure for Sims fans on the go.

The user starts out creating their own sim, choosing their clothes, features and traits. Never-before-seen traits and lifetime wishes are available on the device that users will be excited to see and develop. A Sim can now become a “sleaze,” requiring a certain number of “partners” for their lifetime goal or become a “jerk” in which they annoy the entire neighborhood. [Read more…]

Google Polishes Android Market

In another move to strengthen its Android Market, Google today added additional features designed to better highlight its growing catalogue of apps.

The Market’s home page now includes a Top Apps chart, Editors’ Choice listings, featured apps by top developers and apps growing in popularity in the Trending section. Improvements were also made to the engine that suggests similar apps to those being viewed. [Read more…]

News in brief: Doodles hit iOS, Apple Issues Software Patch

Google and Bing’s ongoing battle extended further to the iPhone and iPad. The search wars lead off some of this week’s stories in the world of apps.

Doodles now in iOS apps

Google pushed out an update to its iOS app this week that displays the day’s doodle.

Previously the app just included a static image of the Google logo, even if the Google home page had one of its latest creations. The change rolls out while Google has a unique Charlie Chaplain tribute up on the site. [Read more…]