Super Dragon Review: Kid-Friendly Fun

For those looking for a solid game to hold the attention of a child or child-like adult, give a glance to Super Dragon. It includes many of the elements that work very well in mobile games; physics-based play, gestures, a fun character, and lots of gimmicky noises and zany gameplay.

The aim is to get Super Dragon’s teeth back. Do this by launching him into the air through a Jenga-like collection of obstacles. By blasting through the refrigerators, washing machines, and other items Super Dragon can get his chompers to fall harmlessly back to earth and into his mouth.

The challenge accelerates given the larger number of obstacles that separate Super Dragon from his teeth. If not careful, they will knock him senseless, ending the game. There are a number of protective devices, such as an umbrella or helment, which players can acquire in order to protect the happy dragon.

The game would be great for elementary-age kids who want a fun, easy-to-control experience with a mobile game. Yet it of course is a pretty fun choice for older children or adults as well looking for an easy game to pick up after one’s brain is tired of spending hours trying to figure out the puzzles in The Room.

While playing for too long could get a little repetitive, I found Super Dragon to be a good choice in the vast catalogue of $0.99 cent games on the App Store.

Download Super Dragon from the App Store ($0.99)

On Target:

  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • Plays well on iPad

Off the Mark:

  • Can become repetitive

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