Starbucks Fixes Android App

Starbucks has fixed its Android app, which became unusable after Google pushed out Android 4.2 about two weeks ago. A new update is live in Google Play.

Galaxy Nexus owners started reporting the app would repeatedly force quit. Starbucks confirmed the issue, with a company representative saying a fix was on the way.

I experienced the same issue myself, which was rather frustrating given the excessive amount of coffee I typically order from Starbucks. Nothing fixed it: uninstalling and reinstalling the app, resetting the phone (which was necessary for a bevy of other bugs from Android 4.2) or threatening looks.

The Starbucks app for Android contains a digital card for paying with one’s account. The Starbucks clerk can then scan your phone in order to accept payment. The card can also be reloaded if attached to a credit card.

The app also keeps track of rewards with the company’s stars system. All the stars you have earned for the reporting period appear inside of a Starbucks cup. The stars respond to how you turn the phone, floating from one end of the screen to the other.

Other features include a map of nearby Starbucks stores as well as their hours and amenities.

In order to force  the update, head to Google Play and download the newest version of the Starbucks Android app.

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