Spoing for iPhone Review

Spoing is a solid physics-based game that requires careful concentration.

With Spoing the player must launch what looks like an unshaven Pac-Man through a series of dungeons. Do this by sending Spoing flying from one trampoline to another, Angry Birds style, yet ensuring accurate aim for a safe landing.

Bats, spiders, large tongues, cannons and other enemies get in the way, which requires the player to aim carefully when launching from one platform to another. The goal is to collect a series of crystals at the top of each dungeon. Faster finishes, however, are more valuable.

There are extra tricks thrown in, like collecting diamonds that stop the clock momentarily. Also, tilting the iPhone to the left or right will help land in the right spot.

Spoing integrates with Game Center and Crystal. It also has good music options, choosing from either pre-programmed tracks or one’s iPod music. For those who want the larger screen experience, an HD version is available for iPad.

Download Spoing from the App Store ($0.99)

On Target:

  • Touch controls work great.
  • Fun concept.

Off the Mark:

  • Light on storyline


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