Sonic the Hedgehog Launches on Android

Sonic 1_Screenshot 1The 16-bit masterpiece that stole many hours of my childhood is now on Android. Sonic the Hedgehog can be had for $2.99 on Google Play; it is still available for that same price on the App Store.

The classic has been remastered for mobile devices, complete with 60 frames per second graphics. The memorable characters are there, as the gameplay is virtually the same with touch controls rethought for mobile devices.

Given the game’s excellent reception it furthers the mystery as to why Nintendo has not jumped on board with a mobile edition of its popular games. Super Mario Brothers would likely garner millions of downloads, as Sonic has done rather well on iOS with multiple four- and five-star ratings from users.

Players can unlock Tails and Knuckles; iOS users will need to download an update to the current version in order to do so.

For those unfamiliar with the premise, Dr. Eggman has turned all fo the animals of Mobius into mechanical monsters. Sonic must save the day through sprinting through loops. The key feature is gathering as many rings as possible while racing through challenging stages with the ultimate goal of stopping Dr. Eggman’s plan for world domination.

Download Sonic the Hedgehog from Google Play ($2.99)

Download Sonic the Hedgehog from the App Store ($2.99)


  1. Yeahhhh…!! At last Sonic comes on android. I waited long for it. I was just played “Animal Dungeon” nowadays. Thanks..

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