Organize Shopping with SnipSnap Coupon App

SnipSnap pulls coupon cutting into the 21st century. iPhone users can effortlessly scan coupons and, in select stores, redeem them with their device. While not all is perfect, it hints at a future where your smartphone is the only coupon that you will need.

Snipsnap Coupon App (its official name) works in several ways. First it will scan any coupons lying around that have arrived in the mail or are from a newspaper or magazine. After doing so SnipSnap will convert the coupon into a large-screen bar code that can be scanned by a store clerk.

The Discover tab is like an instant Groupon, as one you can scroll available offers and instantly snip them. Share them with others through e-mail or social networks. SnipSnap will save the coupon information and also alert you when prospective deals are about to expire.

Unfortunately most grocery stores do not currently take coupons from SnipSnap as manufacturer coupons must be collected from the customer. For example, my wife tried to use them the other day at Fresh and Easy, but to no avail.

However, at other locales it is super easy to show the giant bar code or the picture of the physical coupon that SnipSnap saves.

One pretty amazing feature is having SnipSnap ping you when arriving at a store with awaiting coupons. In order to do that GPS tracking will run in the background, which may not be desirable for the battery conscious.

Download SnipSnap Coupon App from the App Store (Free)

On Target:

  • Excellent coupon scanning and organization

Off the Mark:

  • No grocery store opportunities yet


  1. I  agree  this point “ 
    smartphone is the only coupon that you will need.”


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