Snapseed Takes iPad App of the Year

Snapseed pulled off the App Store equivalent of the Heisman Trophy, winning the nod as the iPad App of the Year. Snapseed boasts an impressive set of photo editing prowess for the iPad and iPhone.

Desktop-quality options can be found in Snapseed.

There are numerous editing options that will help users of any photo knowledge level to create images with subtle improvements or splashy artistry. From here you can apply as much or little of that desired effect through tapping, pinching and swiping on the image.

Those who use iCloud and Photostream get the best experience, as users can access images on any of their iOS devices and same them back to this space as well. This allows you to easily pull in photos taken on an iPhone. The best performance is also found on an iPad 2 or iPhone 4/4S (it worked well on an original iPad: the only caution is that the supported resolution caps at 6.25MB).

After selecting a photo, choose from the myriad of editing options. Give it a retro feel or opt for black and white. After doing so, then apply the setting to the entire photo or in particular areas with greater or less intensity. One of the best implementations is the “compare” button. Just hold it down to see the previous image, but lift your finger to return to the current example. Not enough apps use this kind of button control.

Manipulating images is a fun process, without all the irritations that other photo editing apps have by requiring you to make multiple taps for changes. The pre-built options are strong and appealing on their own, with just the right amount of flexibility included for those who want to further tinker with the images.

After finishing the editing process, users can save the image and share it across social networks: including the photo powerhouse Flickr.

The only area that Snapseed left me wanting was the ability to order a print. This of course can easily be done by taking the saved image and then submitting it to a service like Snapfish. Yet imagine that along with sharing to favorite networks one could easily add to a queue for purchasing the photo in a number of print formats.

In the end Snapseed is currently the best way to edit photos from an iOS device. The stramlined interface and helpful tutorials make it easy for photos novices (such as myself) yet appealing to those who are more adept at photography.

Download Snapseed from the App Store ($4.99)



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