Score Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for Free

EA Mobile is giving away up to one million copies of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for iOS over the next several days. To score a download code, head to this site and enter your email address (which will likely set you up for a lifetime supply of unending promotional emails from Electronic Arts). In our original review Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 was a solid performer, especially appealing to those who are golf fans.

Even if you are not that into golf, it makes for a solid performer and may even peak your interest in golf.

EA Mobile is looking to target Android gamers with further deals, creating a widget that highlights new games, discounts, and other promotions. While the company is of course looking to score user loyalty and game purchases, it may be worth trying out for those who often play Madden, FIFA, or other EA games on Android phones or tablets.

To get the widget, head to this link for downloading it from Google Play.

Let us know if you are able to score a download code, as they likely are going to disappear rather quickly once word spreads across the Internet of their availability.

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