Referly Aims to Improve Product Recommendations

Referly wants to change the way you refer products and services to your friends, offering an attractive iPhone app and web site for doing so. It has rapidly added interactive features and a great app since its beta release a few months ago.

The best component on the web site is the real-time feed, which offers an elegant scrolling list of products. It made me want to reach out and swipe through them – until remembering I was on my MacBook and not my iPad or Nexus 7 (insert subtle bragging about owning multiple tablets).

The Realtime product feed is especially fun, as recommendations update live. I found they predominantly come from the major retail giants, like Amazon. However watch for a while and you will find some diversity; I came across recommendations from Nordstrom, Apple, and other popular brands.

The apps board was of interest for viewing how users had pulled together collections of various apps.

Services like Referly and Decide can be helpful resources for consumers looking to get as much information as possible before a major purchase. While it may of course bring about some impulse buys, Referly will serve an important role for many making buying decisions.

Referly is worth watching, both for the innovative take on recommendations and expansion to other platforms.

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