QatQi is Word Challenge for iOS

While much of the wordplay universe is being dominated by Letterpress or Words with Friends, there is a lesser known entry by the name of QatQi that offers a good challenge on iOS.

QatQi (pronounced cat-key) excels just as much in presentation as it does in gameplay. It is an elegantly designed word puzzle that slowly morphs its way with vibrant and flying colors against a dark background.

To play, you have a given set of letters that must be placed throughout a puzzle to form proper words. You then must use the letters in your hand to fill out the puzzle, much as one would do with Scrabble. However, the play moves more with experimentation instead of setting a word to score points against a challenger. Effective play involves making use of a series of undos, where letters can be returned in order to make a more effective play later.

Data geeks will also enjoy the interactive stats page, which supplies several metrics after each puzzle. It is a good way to set goals for improving one’s score and analyze prior performance. Just as with other parts of the game, the data presentation is also elegant and a pleasure to look at.

QatQi takes some serious thought, so only spend that dollar if you want a game that will truly rack your brain. It also is not for those who want an extensive multiplayer experience. Though sometimes that is a good thing; after diving headline into Letterpress recently, I sometimes must ignore my iPhone in order to not get sucked into the nonstop playing.

QatQi is a great challenge and recommended for anyone looking for another good game to add to their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It is also one of those rare games that has a unique design that makes the visuals just as good as the gameplay.

Download QatQi from the App Store (Free)

On Target:

  • Excellent design
  • Challenging gameplay

Off the Mark:

  • Limited multiplayer options
  • Only on iOS




  1. Thanks for the review. One small correction: QatQi has always been free to download, not $0.99.

  2. Thanks for the catch, the post has been updated.

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