Prezi Viewer for iPad Review

Prezi will make you bid PowerPoint goodbye.

Prezi takes the old-school slide show and tosses it out the window. Instead of presentations that bombard the audience with boring text and unending bullet lists, Prezi has an engaging, modern approach. The presentation zooms and zips to key words and phrases.

It feels right at home on the iPad. Simply tap the arrow buttons to advance through your presentation. Or use fingers to pinch, zoom, or rotate around to highlight essential points.

Prezi lives on the web, which has made it popular for cloud-computing fans. With the Prezi Viewer app for iPad, users can now share their presentation without having to lug around a laptop. Of course you will probably need the iPad VGA connector to display your presentations with a projector or interactive whiteboard.

The app is named Prezi Viewer for a reason: there are not yet any editing capabilities. However, the developers indicated that this could be coming in the future.

The bottom line is that Prezi is an outstanding alternative to slide show presentations. Go get it.

Download Prezi from the App Store

On Target:

  • Unique take on presentations
  • Interface fits multi-touch gestures of iPad

Off the Mark:

  • No editing capabilities (yet)




  1. Allan smith says:

    Prezi viewer is ok, but frames, arrows end up not viewing correctly. Don’t want my point displayed like this pre[zi is c]pol, which is how one of my prezi looks on the iPad.

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