Press 1.1 Improves Elegant Android RSS App

Press, the best RSS reader for Android, is out with an update which enhances what is already a great reading experience. The new version makes the performance quicker and adds some features that will be helpful for power users who want to blast through a large number of articles.

Unsatisfied with the current state of RSS readers on Android, developers Jordan Beck and Jay Ohms created an app that demonstrates how design is quickly improving on Android. It is another sign that since Jelly Bean many Android developers are stepping up their game to make the platform rival iOS when it comes to polish and beauty. To navigate through articles, users can swipe forward and back to quickly view an article and return to the list.

With Press, one must simply log in with their Google Reader credentials in order to import feeds. The recently released update allows feeds to sync when launching the application, instead of needing to hit the sync icon. There are also several other options and automatic background syncing to flow in the content more rapidly.

To navigate vertically through articles, tap the arrow buttons at the at the end of the current content. Being able to swipe up one more time to move to the next article would be a nice addition; for now one must stick to tapping the arrows.

Because it is Android one can easily share to any social network; Press made a good decision here in deciding to add the article title to the post. It is often frustrating to try and share something and all you get is a meaningless link.

There has been continued speculation over whether Google Reader will one day be killed off. Should it get the axe, there is now strong indication that Press and other readers will easily fill in any void.

The full changelog from Google Play:

Version 1.1.1
- Fixed bugs and crashes
- Performance enhancements
Version 1.1
- Quick article navigation to go to next/previous articles
- Background/automatic syncing
- Sync on app launch
- Background syncing notifications
- New text-alignment options
- Show image title and URL in the image viewer. (xkcd fans rejoice!)
- Date and time formats now match device settings
- Article title is now included when sharing to social networks
- Lots of performance enhancements and bug fixes

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