Review: Photo Delight for iPad

This shot of the Maine coastline gets some artistic touch-up.

The iPad is a blank canvas. Photo Delight captures this by creating a unique art application with clever photo design.

Photo Delight imports a photo and turns it black and white. Then use your finger to add color anywhere on-screen for a more artistic effect.

Just keep in mind that you can’t go Jackson Pollock on any photo. Instead of adding various colors to wherever you want, Photo Delight returns the original color over the areas you “brush” to give it a distinct look. Once you have this concept down, creating artwork with Photo Delight should be a fun experience.

If you are trying to highlight a specific building or image and want to stay within the lines, then tap the “Smart” button. You can also manipulate how dark or large the brush strokes will be. Don’t like what you did? Just tap “Erase” and then wipe it away.

Another feature that is particularly impressive (and slightly creepy) is the option to import photos from any of your Facebook friends’ photo albums. However, during multiple tries this turned out to be buggy. The photos would import, but the previews were blank; so tapping a photo was a guessing game. Either it was an issue with Photo Delight talking to Facebook’s servers, or I just have entirely too many “friends” to pull data from.

Photo Delight handles sharing well; a photo can be sent to Facebook, Flickr or Twitter. The app also has its own Global Delight web page, where users can send in their creations. From the sharing option there are buttons for printing, e-mail, and copying it to the iPad’s photo clipboard.

Photo Delight is a great way to have fun with photos and expel some artistic energy. It may be too limiting for those who want a full-blown photo editor. But for creative types, it is well worth downloading.

Download Photo Delight for iPad

On Target:

  • Imaginative photo design
  • Excellent sharing options

Missed the Mark:

  • Issues importing from Facebook


  1. Peter Schreman says:

    Looks like I can use something like this especially for the Valentine’s Day. :D

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