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If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to rekindle some romance, consider Pair. The app for Android and iPhone is designed to be a communication tool just for couples. It has a strong suite of communication tools, such as instant messaging, photos, videos, real-time drawing and a super-cute feature called thumb kiss.

In fact, everything about Pair screams “cute.” But don’t let that stop you if cute isn’t your thing. Pair adds some fun and creativity to communicating with your significant other. For example, a couple can share a doodle space in real time, sharing their love (or other emotions) with drawings when words just won’t do. Many others have come up with some rather well-crafted creations.

The most innovative feature in Pair is the thumb kiss. When you enable it, your partner will get a push notification that it is time for a smooch with an extremity. When both are in thumb kiss mode, place your finger on the blank screen. It gets darker as your fingers arrive nearer the same location, then giving a vibration and changing color to dark pink once you both “kiss.” It is a fun way to connect when perhaps you’re stuck in a meeting and she is behind her desk at work.

Other features include shared to-do lists and a calendar for planning dates or some domestic tasks.

Setup is easy; there is a simple method for sharing the application via text message or email so your partner can download it. If a few months later things don’t work out, there is an option to “unpair” yourself with that person.

One reason I enjoy Pair is for the added advantages it provides when texting. When I switched from an iPhone to a Nexus 4, I missed some of the additional perks of iMessage, such as the notification that my bride was typing and the faster data transfer. With Pair, you get this kind of functionality along with the added multimedia/smooching tools. I now use the superior messaging platform of Pair for my bride and SMS for everyone else.

Of course, if there is ever a data outage your pairing will have to wait, though such issues are just a fact of life for our increasingly cloud-connected usage patterns.

Pair is a great app for couples and just may help put some fun back in daily communication.

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On Target:

  • Easy to setup
  • More fun and creative than simple messaging

Off the Mark:

  • Can’t get around adding profile photo

Images Credit: Pair

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