Orc Vengeance Update Improves Controls


One of the best games of the year has a significant new improvement to its control scheme. Orc: Vengeance, my favorite game to hit iOS in 2012, now has a virtual control stick and on-screen button layout that greatly improves the gaming experience. I found one can quickly attack enemies and maneuver through the game with much greater ease.

I find it more natural to play with the joystick, as the previous method of tapping where you wanted to go to become a little tiring over time. The new controls are positions so one can easily hold the iPad with two hands, much like a game controller.

Version 1.2 also grants iPhone 5 widescreen support and tighter integration with iOS 6. There are also now five, new hidden sub-levels from previous sections of the game. Those places also offer secret weapons and other loot that can not be found elsewhere.

The gameplay reminds me of a lighter version of Diablo, with plenty of options to get better weapons and a army of the undead and other nefarious creatures to battle. It was a worthy mention as one of the top games of the year from Apple.

If you are a fan of games like, you will love Orc: Vengeance. It is well worth the $2.99 cost.

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