MustKnow News App Brings Top 10 Stories Hourly to iPhone

Are you always on the go and never have time to stay updated on world news? The MustKnow news app is a great app for the job. MustKnow News gives you the top ten news stories of the hour. You can choose to receive news from around the world or filter your settings to receive news updates only from a country of your choice.

The are nine editions available: Canada, U.S., Germany, U.K., Spain, France, Italy, Australia, and Japan. The news layouts are available in day reading and night reading mode and can be adjusted to a layout of your choice to make reading through the articles much easier.

Every article also has a “Related” section where a similar story is suggested for you to read. In addition, a “Related Stuff” section has books and movie suggestions, along with YouTube videos for the accompanying article.

I recommend this app to those who have a busy schedule. You can take a minute of your time to scroll through the stories and be informed of what is happening in the world throughout the rest of the day. You can even keep informed your friends, family, co-workers, and others about the latest news stories as you can also share news stories via Facebook, email, Instapaper, and Read It Later (now Pocket).

This app has been my favorite so far because it is convenient for my busy schedule and it helps me tremendously with my media writing class. Weekly in the class we are tested on our knowledge on world-wide news. With MustKnow News I take time to briefly review the top ten stories each day to prepare myself for my test. Thanks to the app, it has helped improve my grade in that class.

I have recommended this app to my fellow classmates in media writing, and so far they are very happy with its performance. They particularly like the accessibility to read articles on the country of their choice, and selecting the date and month of the news that they want. And most importantly it saves us time. This app is definitely a must have.

Download MustKnow News from the App Store ($1.99)

On Target:

• Convenient for busy people

• Easy to scroll through articles

Off the Mark:

• Only ten news updates



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