MightyText Comes to Android Tablets

MightyText has shown that one doesn’t have to be locked into a proprietary messaging network in order to have a great, cross-platform tool.

MightyText, which has already created a great web app for keeping your SMS conversations synced between the web and an Android phone, now has a dedicated app for Android tablets.

This means if you have the MightyText Android app installed on your phone, you can send and reply to messages from your tablet, such as a Nexus 7 or Nexus 10.

Unlike iMessage, which only works with iOS devices, MightyText uses SMS to enable messaging to any mobile phone.


I used the beta version of the application for several weeks before it went live in Google Play. While the formal version released through the Play store is far more stable, I have still encountered a few bugs. Occasionally some longer conversations, especially those that are part of a group message, would be missing text. There was also an occasional disconnect between seeing a complete sync with all of the conversations.

Nonethless, MightyText is a powerful tool for Android users, allowing them to send and receive text messages from a computer or Android tablet. Despite the occasional hiccups I recommend giving it a go.

Download MightyText – SMS From Tablet from Google Play (Free)

 On Target:

  • Send, receive texts from Android tablets
  • Web version tracks battery life

Off the Mark:

  • Still exhibits some bugs

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