I’d Cap That for iPhone is Nonstop Humor

Always looking for fun, entertaining apps? I’d Cap That is a great app to choose. It capitalizes on the popular trend of snarky captions accompanying a photo.

With I’d Cap That you choose a picture saved in your library or you take a picture using the “Camera” option. After you have a picture ready, you select it to have a random caption put on your picture. I’d Cap That has over 100 captions, and what is even better is that the captions never get repeated. Every single one is different. Once your picture has a caption, you can save it to your photo library, email it to a friend, or share it on Twitter. Some of these captions are vulgar, it is strongly suggested you don’t download this app if you get offended easily.

When I first used the app, I took a picture of my puppy to see what random caption would be given to it. Indeed I got a funny caption. I kept adding more and more pictures and all the captions were hilarious. My roommate downloaded the app too and now spends most of her time taking random pictures of her friends to add captions. She has recommended it to her friends to use, and they love it. There are instances when the captions and picture don’t make sense at all, so you could always cancel that picture and choose it again to get a different caption.

It is definitely an entertaining app that will be sure to make you laugh. My roommate and I laughed for hours using this. I recommend this to everyone, a little laughing now and then doesn’t hurt! Using it once a day will be enough to have you smiling the rest of the day.

Download I’d Cap That from the App Store (Free)

On Target:


•Hilarious captions

Off the Mark:

•Some vulgar captions



  1. Another cool caption app that is also hilarious is called Put A Cap on it,


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