Build Your Egyptian Empire in iPad App

HISTORY Egypt Engineering an Empire HD puts you in charge of ruling ancient kingdoms and conquering enemies. It is an excellent strategy game that will require time and patience for success.

The game first appeared on the PC, yet with a few tweaks it works very well on the iPad.¬†Overall, the game’s menus and commands are touch friendly and easy to navigate. However, there are still a few sets of instructions with PC references, telling the user to “right click” or “left click” in certain places on screen. Fortunately, you can simply ignore these directions as the mislabeling did not create any errors in functionality.


To play, you begin in the early days of an ancient civilization and then lead it to glory. It is a time-consuming process to build up your nation, as there are many buildings and military facilities that must be constructed. Once things get rolling, however, then you have the options to wage war, sign a truce, grow your army and ensure the success and happiness of your people.

The key is to take your time and develop a strategy. If you get power hungry and rush off to war you will end up with ill-equipped troops and suffer defeat at the hands of a superior power. While building up your army and city you need to monitor gold intake, housing, training your armies and other components of your budding empire.

You can play solo or challenge a friend. Fortunately, as it is a lengthy game there is a save menu for resuming later.

Be ready for a commitment if you download the game, but you will likely enjoy it and become immersed in the ancient world of strategy that is available.

Download HISTORY Egypt Engineering an Empire from the App Store

On Target:

  • Excellent strategy game
  • In-depth

Off the Mark:

  • PC-centric instructions still hanging around
  • Game is truly for the patient


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