Haiku Deck Builds Image-Friendly Presentations

20130309-150350.jpgHaiku Deck is an iPad-native presentation application designed to mesmerize an audience with eye-popping images. It has several advantages for those looking for a simple, straightforward way to build a powerful slide show.

In many ways it is the anti-PowerPoint. It gets the excessive number of tweaks and design decisions out of the way, allowing the user to focus primarily on the text and images for each presentation (they are called decks in Haiku-speak). It also is share-friendly: with just one tap users can share through a social network, e-mail, posting to a blog or placing it in .ppt format. (Below is a quick deck I created on the subject of hyperbole).

Haiku Deck has several themes, such as origami or cinematic, to give each presentation an original flavor. Along with those stock themes are eleven premium options available for $1.99 each. After using the application for a while it may make sense to increase the available features for a couple of dollars. For those who start building several decks some extra flexibility might be welcome.

It is very easy to begin a presentation. Just choose the theme and start entering text. Users can customize the text position with some pre-formatted templates.

The key feature, however, is inserting images. Select from one of the key words in the slide and Haiku Deck will pull in many photos licensed through Creative Commons. Then position the image where desired and move on to the next slide.

The editing menu is manipulated by swiping from one slide to the next or tapping and holding on slides to re-position them. It is very easy to figure out each command. A lot of care went in to making this a truly iPad-native application with its emphasis on finger-friendly controls.

Because Haiku Deck is so connected to sharing on the web, it made me wish at times for a web component to continue working on a deck. While it would certainly differentiate the experience, it would also expand its reach and accessibility.

Beyond this, there is no reason not to try Haiku Deck. It opened my eyes to another method for presentation software that does some much-needed rethinking in this space.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

Download Haiku Deck from the App Store (Free)

On Target:

  • Large image database
  • Elegant templates

Off the Mark:

  • Only works on iPad




  1. Hi Derek,
    Thanks for featuring Haiku Deck — we’re so glad you’re enjoying it. Keep the awesome decks coming! Yes, unfortunately our app only works on the iPad as of right now but an Android version is in the works so stay tuned! Thanks for the great feedback — it’s always appreciated!
    Lisa from Team Haiku Deck

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