Flicpost Seeks to Simplify Ordering Prints

The new iPhone app flicpost wants to make it extremely simple to order a print with just a few taps. The app is launching with a focused feature set but some heavy ambitions. Users can get a photo ordered and delivered to a ridiculous number of countries worldwide.

By connecting social accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr, users can gain access to images they may have shared elsewhere. For example, printing and deliver of one photo to the United States, UK, Mexico, India, Jamaica, or Thailand is 69 cents. The additional countries included is rather impressive, such as South Sudan, Sri Lanka, and Qatar. There is a moderate increase to 99 cents for these and other nations.

An additional ordered print is 20 cents each, with a limit of up to 12 at one time.

Co-founders Phil Coleman and Stephen Bero are focusing on a core set of features and looking to slowly expand. For example, the editing options right now are rather limited, but the developers plan on improving this in future updates.

That take on the app is rather refreshing: too many of the apps I have looked at over the past few years come out with a ridiculous amount of hype and venture capital, only to become a major disappointment.

Coleman has worked in the logistics and international postal industry for 16 years, which was a key in securing so many shipping arrangements. Bero owns Quantum Web Solutions, providing development and other services for a variety of platforms.

“Sharing physical photos has been an undertaking for years and picture sharing services are making it easier and easier to swap them virtually,” said Coleman. “For the special moments you want to keep and revisit more often, flicpost gets pictures straight off your phone and takes all the legwork out of getting them downloaded, printed and delivered. We want to curb photo extinction and have made it easy to bring pictures from the virtual world back to life in the physical world.”

Creating an account is rather simple, made even easier if you allow flicpost to pull information from your address book. I did find, however, it did not like the CA abbreviation for California, instead wanting me to choose it from the app’s menu.

Then add payment information or use the handy “Pay with PayPal” button to pay for purchases.

The images stored on your device will automatically appear; add other social networks if you want a greater variety. Tap on an image to select it (you will be notified if it is too small) then continue with the purchasing process.

While flicpost is currently only built for the iPhone/iPod touch, a native Android version is in the works and will debut early next year. Additional editing options and more customizable cards would be welcome additions in future versions.

Nonetheless, flicpost is an intriguing option for those wanting an easy, manageable way to order prints.

Download flicpost from the App Store (Free)

On Target:

  • Inexpensive print prices
  • Ridiculously wide shipping options

Off the Mark:

  • Currently only for iPhone

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