FIFA 13 for iOS Review

FIFA 13 is arguably the best sports game on iOS devices. Improvements to the touch-screen controls and further tweaks to league and playoff modes make it an even better game than last year’s version.

You don’t need to be a fan of soccer (football for the rest of the world) to appreciate or enjoy playing FIFA 13. While soccer may seem slow on television, the consistent action and strategy involved in playing it makes for a perfect game. Also, the touch-screen joystick, which is often cumbersome on other games, fades into the background given the well thought out control scheme.

The game is now available from the App Store; an Android version is “coming soon,” according to EA Mobile.

If you want to play the best, fire up Premier League and play as one of the famed franchises, such as Manchester United or Liverpool. If you want to keep the gaming stateside, then pick up some games in MLS play.

There is a very detailed manager mode that brings in many aspects of running a team. You must choose a sponsor, manage finances and make player decisions. Add in some friendly matches if you are a little out of shape to catch up on skills. There are many good tutorials which explain the new Skill Move button. It improves offense, as you have to rely less on passing, instead able to get through defenders by backing up or going around them. The Sprint button is also the most essential, as you can blow past many defenders.

On defense the Call Second Defender button improves your chances at making a stop by bringing in backup. You can still hit the Switch button to change defenders or tap on who you want to control.

FIFA 13 turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a control which you can use to play on an iPad. It is more of a good show-off feature right now, as it is difficult to completely control the game without occasionally looking back at the virtual buttons.

Owning an iPhone and iPad has another perk – FIFA 13 integrates with iCloud to save your Manager Mode or Tournament game across devices. While it is compatible all the way down to the iPhone 3GS, EA recommends an iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or new iPad.

Download FIFA 13 from the App Store ($6.99)

On Target:

  • Improved controls
  • Deep league play

Off the Mark:

  • iPhone controller is not that useful


  1. How do setup ur iPhone to use as a control for the ipad?

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