Facebook Camera App Debuts on iPhone

Facebook is not wasting any time putting its Instagram purchase to use. The social network released the Facebook Camera app today, which quickly uploads photos and adds Instagram-like effects to those images.

Along with taking a photo through the camera, users can select any of the images on their iPhone or in Photo Stream. Tag anyone who is in the picture and then add any of the available filters.

While Instagram has 40 million followers, Facebook has 900 million. Instead of just trying to get everyone to sign up for Instagram, it appears Facebook is seeking to further engage users with enhanced photo sharing capabilities. Cropping and other extra graphical touches are also available, for example.

One very useful feature is the bulk photo upload. Simply open your photos and tap every photo that you wish to include. A checkmark appears over all of those you have tapped. It is then time to easily send the batch to your Facebook feed.

Viewing photos is also a nicer experience than with the regular Facebook app. Photos are large, crisp, and include a slick scrolling mechanism for viewing multiple photos from the same user.

One wonders, however, if some users will have Facebook app fatigue. For example, one could conceivably upload a photo in the Camera app, check their page with Facebook Page Manager, view the stream in the traditional app and respond to messages with Messenger. While the specialized applications are superior at their separate functions, the frequent need to skip between these apps could become tedious.

This is the second app to launch on the iPhone this week from Facebook. Previously the social network released Facebook Pages Manager, which lets page owners take greater control of their content from an iPhone.

The original Facebook app has also seen some tweaks to the stream. Photos are larger and there is additional white space between each of the separate posts.



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