iOS App Review: Contre Jour HD

Contre Jour HD is a beautiful, visually stunning game that deserves accolades for its appearance just as much as the gameplay. It lives up to the phrase “must-have” for iOS gamers.

Use quick reflexes to glide through the air.

“Contre-jour”  is a French photography term that roughly translates to “against light.” It refers to when the camera is pointed directly at a light source. The graphics of Contre Jour HD fall in line with this philosophy, as the very dark blacks stand out in contrast to a fading white background.

As for the actual gameplay, it is just as excellent. Players must control a one-eyed creature by manipulating the landscape and using a combination of pulleys, geysers and other tricks. The puzzles can become quite challenging and will often require quick thinking to formulate a plan. The goal is to move the creature toward a light tunnel, allowing escape to the next level. Additional points are awarded for picking up smaller packets of light along the way. Deeper levels reveal some clever challenges that should both frustrate and excite those who want to push their mind at such a game.

The controls really shine here, as unlike many App Store games Contre Jour does not forget that it has multi-touch. For example, players can tap two vines to release the creature, or use one to hold a vine while the other hand can be working with the ground level.

Contre Jour takes the music seriously, even recommending that players listen to it through headphones instead of the standard iPhone/iPad speakers. The game’s soothing, piano-laden soundtrack is from composer David Are Leon. For those who prefer to kill the music and just concentrate, it is easy to do so from the pause menu.

Gamers have two options for purchase: $0.99 for the iPhone-only version, or $2.99 for the universal Contre Jour HD. Definitely opt for this if you have an iPad, as the visuals really pop and delight the eyes on the larger screen.

Contre Jour probably will not reach the same level of popularity as Cut the Rope, Chillingo’s blockbuster title. But Contre Jour is a far better game and truly one of the best to come along for iOS in a great while.

Download Contre Jour from the App Store ($0.99, for iPhone)

Download Contre Jour HD from the App Store ($2.99, universal app)

On Target:

  • Beautiful design
  • Challenging gameplay

Off the Mark:

  • While music is of good quality, it can be annoying after some time


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