ClassDojo Adds Student Logins, Monster Customization

ClassDojo, a fast-growing tool for managing student behavior, had added greater access and customization for students. Now the little monsters can log in to their own account, view their behavior progress and customize their Dojo monster, which is their personal icon.

Teachers print out a personalized invite form for each student that contains a secret code. Giving this out to parents or students then enables them to create an account. By logging in they can view any points or demerits they were awarded during the current week.

The student, either working with a parent or by themselves, can then customize the monster’s color, shape, eyes, mouth, and feet (they are more like stubs). There are less monster options than the monsters and critters available from the teacher’s panel. However, this gives the students a chance to create it themselves during their time away from school (think homework assignment they are less likely to complain about).

Students will need to register with an e-mail address and create a username in order to work the account. Teachers using this with younger students may wish to give the password and other login information directly to parents.

The ClassDojo mobile web app has some extra features as well. It has an improved interface whereby a user can pull up a student’s monster and then swipe left or right for positive or negative behaviors. When pressing the shuffle icon at the top of the page, the ClassDojo home page will pull up the name of a random student. This is an excellent way to randomly call on a student during a lecture or class discussion. Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users can access the mobile web app by going to in their browser.

A ClassDojo app for mobile devices is still in the works, according to a previous interview with the developers. Chrome browser users can get fast access to the site by installing the web app from the Chrome Web Store, which was released a few weeks ago.


  1. Hi Derek – Kalen here.  Thanks so much for the great post – we really appreciate it!

  2. Dose it really  work?

  3. As a mother of 3 girls, I must say this tool is a heaven
    sent!!!  I sat down with each of them and
    talked about all the points they got even the negative point deductions. They
    took responsibility for every point there received and the 1 point that was
    taken away. I never thought that even my 4 year old would reply “It’s okay mom
    I will try better next week.” And all without the crying and blaming others.  As a reward they get to change their lil
    monsters.  In my opinion I also think
    this tool allows parent (my husband & I ) to address some problems ( i.e.
    being ready on time, talking or yelling in class,) that would otherwise take a parent
    teacher conference to find out about. All Parents know we get those at least twice
    a year if we are lucky and they are rushed. Children learn early on individual responsibility and problem solving. All
    in all I LOVE this tool. xD

    All I need now is the  app for Ipad , Iphone and android. When will
    this happen ???

  4. CLASS DOJO KEEPS MY CHILD ON TRACK.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. classdojo rocks

  6. classdojo is the bomb

  7. i dont know how to get on it

  8. sherry:classdojo is good for kids

  9. Class dojo is awsome

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