Falcon Pro Petitions Twitter

falcon pro androidFalcon Pro was one of the top Twitter apps for Android, offering far more robust features and expandability than the stock client. It has essentially been taken out of commission, however, due to a Twitter rule restricting the number of user accounts.

As such, developer Joaquim Vergès has created an online petition asking Twitter to extend what is known as the token limit (these give the developer access to Twitter).

In the interim, Vergès has raised the price of Falcon Pro to $132.13 in order to dissuade others from buying it. The reason? In order to maintain the application with updates for current users it must stay in the Google Play store. However, more buyers would only further the problems – so along with the excessive price is a warning to potential buyers to not purchase the app.

Vergès told The Verge that he has been unsuccessful in asking Twitter to change it

“They refuse to extend the token limit because Falcon doesn’t provide any features that their app doesn’t have already,” he told The Verge. [Read more…]

Falcon Pro is Top Android Twitter Client

The official Twitter app for Android has long languished behind its iOS counterpart. Instead of waiting for it to catch up, invest $0.99 in Falcon Pro. It is the app Twitter should emulate as it more deeply applies Android design principles with more a more powerful feature set.

The biggest downside is it currently does not support multiple Twitter accounts. For those who manage an account for their business, blog, or other social medium this will be disappointing. Nonethless, given the rapid development pace I would expect to see such a feature soon. [Read more…]

Facebook Pages Manager for Android Finally Arrives

Facebook page owners can finally control and manage their social network presence with a dedicated app on Android.

The Facebook Pages Manager app nearly matches the iOS version when it comes to features and speed. Page owners can post, comment, manage settings and view other data about their page’s performance.

This is, of course, not the only next big thing happening with Facebook. The company also announced its social graph search component at its headquarters today.

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Chat With Your Main Squeeze in Pair

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to rekindle some romance, consider Pair. The app for Android and iPhone is designed to be a communication tool just for couples. It has a strong suite of communication tools, such as instant messaging, photos, videos, real-time drawing and a super-cute feature called thumb kiss.

In fact, everything about Pair screams “cute.” But don’t let that stop you if cute isn’t your thing. Pair adds some fun and creativity to communicating with your significant other. For example, a couple can share a doodle space in real time, sharing their love (or other emotions) with drawings when words just won’t do. Many others have come up with some rather well-crafted creations. [Read more…]

Everyme Creates Tighter Social Network

Everyme takes the simple idea of communicating with a small group of people via email or text message into the newsiest social media platform. [Read more…]

I’d Cap That for iPhone is Nonstop Humor

Always looking for fun, entertaining apps? I’d Cap That is a great app to choose. It capitalizes on the popular trend of snarky captions accompanying a photo.

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LoveThis is More Intimate Social Network

LoveThis is a private and intimate network used to make recommendations to your close friends and social connections of your choice about products and experiences. [Read more…]

A Fancy App for Sharing Style

Take one drop of Instagram, a few dashes of Pinterest, throw in some Tumblr, and you have Fancy. While it joins a crowded field of social apps, the Fancy app seeks to differentiate itself by focusing on design and style.

The public stream features images of models, architecture, product shots, and attire. You can share anything that you wish, though the content is pretty dominated by design trends. It has a slick interface and some very interesting qualities in its apps for iOS and Android.

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Chumkee is New Social Networking Twist

Social networking has skyrocketed to the top  of communicating and meeting new people. Chumkee has definitely taken it to another level through digital socializing with video and picture collages. [Read more…]

Chat About Live Sports in PlayUp for iPhone

Ever wanted to talk sports with REAL sports fans and people who know what they’re talking about? PlayUp is a real-time sport social app for fans across the world to communicate and talk about over 20,000 live sports events. [Read more…]

Review: Are You Interested?

SNAP Interactive has created a site for singles to meet people in a fast and easy way via AreYouInterested.com and its iPhone app and its touch-friendly mobile site. [Read more…]

Kik Messenger Hints at World Beyond SMS

When it comes to an alternative to text messaging, Kik Messenger is one of the strongest options available. Messaging is lightning fast and it is extremely simple to activate an account, connect with friends and exchange messages. It joins Facebook Messenger and the forthcoming iMessage as the strongest challenges yet to encouraging smartphone users to ditch SMS. [Read more…]

Share How You Feel with MoodPanda for iPhone

Moody? MoodPanda may be the ultimate companion. The iPhone app and accompanying web site acts as a virtual mood diary, as users can track their mood and even share it with the world (of course those in a bad mood tend to share it anyway). [Read more…]

Google+ for iPhone Review

The iPhone crowd no longer has to envy Android-toting friends when it comes to using Google+. The iOS version, which launched in the App Store yesterday, is another compelling reason to give Google’s social networking service a try. [Read more…]

Google+ for Android Review

If there couldn’t possibly be another social network that could challenge the two powerhouses, Twitter and Facebook, Google has taken it on with its newest project, Google+. While the program is still in beta, the network has created quite a buzz and garnered 10 million users in the short weeks it has been open. [Read more…]

Ban.jo Merges Social Networks on iPhone, Android

Ban.jo is the first social media app to come along in a while that is actually worth keeping. It is an excellent hybrid of the location-based world of apps like Foursquare and Gowalla with the social experience of Facebook and Twitter.

It works because it does not seek to create a new service, but instead builds new tools on top of existing networks.

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