SnipSnap for Android in the Works


The popular digital coupon-sharing app SnipSnap is coming to Android. I have been testing the beta for a couple of weeks, which has made me eager for a final, polished version.

It was one of the few apps I missed when moving from iOS to Android. For those unfamiliar with it, SnipSnap digitizes paper coupons, eliminating the need to carry most of them out shopping. While not all grocery stores or other retailers have jumped on board with scanning your phone, a number of larger retailers have done so. This makes redeeming coupons just as easy as paying for that Starbucks drink by showing your phone.

SnipSnap has also evolved into a coupon-sharing social network, with users able to share deals and connect with social networks. SnipSnap CEO Ted Mann said the social community has grown exponentially with a large amount of sharing happening.

“People are snipping and sharing coupons like mad. The idea of a coupon community has really taken off,” he said.

The iOS version of SnipSnap also exhibits deep integration with Apple’s Passbook feature, which helps alert users with location awareness. The app pings you with coupon reminders when entering specific stores. [Read more…]

Referly Aims to Improve Product Recommendations

Referly wants to change the way you refer products and services to your friends, offering an attractive iPhone app and web site for doing so. It has rapidly added interactive features and a great app since its beta release a few months ago.

The best component on the web site is the real-time feed, which offers an elegant scrolling list of products. It made me want to reach out and swipe through them – until remembering I was on my MacBook and not my iPad or Nexus 7 (insert subtle bragging about owning multiple tablets). [Read more…]

Best Apps for Black Friday

The annual shopping nightmare known as Black Friday is upon us. Much of the action this year will be happening before Friday, with stores such as Target and Walmart opening on Thanksgiving night. Many retailers are also offering a number of specials all week, so the deal shopping can begin right away.

To prepare yourself for some serious power shopping load up your smartphone with the best mobile apps. Included here is a list of some of the best apps for finding deals, comparing items, and

Links to download each of the apps are included at the end of the description. All are free, with most available for both Android and iPhone.

Black Friday Coupons: Created by the shopping app Shopular, this app is built just for finding ads and other specials promoted for Black Friday. For iOS, the deals are worked into the standalone Shopular app.  (Google Play, App Store) [Read more…]

Lemon Seeks to be Your Digital Wallet

There sometimes is that awkward moment when you find just the right item online and want to make a purchase. Ah, but then you remember that the wallet is downstairs. Your phone, however, is probably right nearby. With Lemon, that is all you need.

[Read more…]

Organize Shopping with SnipSnap Coupon App

SnipSnap pulls coupon cutting into the 21st century. iPhone users can effortlessly scan coupons and, in select stores, redeem them with their device. While not all is perfect, it hints at a future where your smartphone is the only coupon that you will need. [Read more…]