Flayvr Brings Order to Chaos of Photos

Flayvr Image 4Organizing and editing photos are quite the rage these days. So before you give them all to Google, take a look at the more independent-minded flayvr.

The iOS/Android app attempts to sort your images into albums, making them easier to share with others or look back at for those fond memories. It is designed to eliminate the constant scrolling and hassle that comes with trying to find that particular image.

“flayvr redefines the way we consume and share our favorite life moments by magically organizing photos and videos. flayvr is instant, hassle-free and allows for a seamless shareable interactive experience across all Android devices,” said Ron Levy , flayvr’s Founder and CEO, in a statement. “Launching on Android is an opportunity for us to share the best of what flayvr has to offer with new audiences across the world and help them bring back to life millions of photos and videos that are stuck on devices.”

While many of these tools can be found in other applications, flayvr does a good job of creating a pleasing interface. It also may be a welcome replacement on Android devices for some of the rather annoying add-ons that manufacturers add to the gallery (I particularly dislike how HTC Sense wants to fill your gallery with Facebook photos). [Read more…]

Twitter, Instagram Battle Over Filters

What began as a cool, share-able feature that brought everyone together has now become the key component in a mobile war: photo filters.

The battle accelerated yesterday when Twitter rolled out its own filters to its native Android and iOS apps. Those on Twitter will get Vignette, Black & White, Warm, Cool, Vintage, Cinematic, Happy and Gritty. Instagram also added the new filter, Willow, in its iOS and Android updates yesterday.

This changes comes just one day after Instagram dropped support for viewing images in the Twitter stream. To see the Instagram picture of someone you follow on Twitter, it now requires clicking a link and exiting the Twitter app. Previously, the image would appear on a “card” directly in that user’s stream. [Read more…]

Flicpost Seeks to Simplify Ordering Prints

The new iPhone app flicpost wants to make it extremely simple to order a print with just a few taps. The app is launching with a focused feature set but some heavy ambitions. Users can get a photo ordered and delivered to a ridiculous number of countries worldwide.

By connecting social accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr, users can gain access to images they may have shared elsewhere. For example, printing and deliver of one photo to the United States, UK, Mexico, India, Jamaica, or Thailand is 69 cents. The additional countries included is rather impressive, such as South Sudan, Sri Lanka, and Qatar. There is a moderate increase to 99 cents for these and other nations.

An additional ordered print is 20 cents each, with a limit of up to 12 at one time.

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Pholium Creates Digital Picture Books on iPad

Pholium offers a clever way to create a digital version of photo scrapbooks. The iPad app is now free, adding extra incentive to anyone who has fancied photo scrapbooking, but never got around to buying those weird-looking scissors. [Read more…]

FX Photo Studio is Solid Editing App for iPhone

Gorgeous. Creative. Simple. All these terms packed into one amazing app, the FX Photo Studio. Enjoy a huge collection of filters and effects for your pictures; make them look more radiant than ever with just a few swipes. [Read more…]

ColorStrokes Brightens Photos

Add a splash of color to you pictures by using the amazing ColorStrokes (formerly Splash Studio) application. Recreate your photos by giving them a vintage tint or a modern look. Make your pictures look beautiful within minutes. [Read more…]

Scalado Album is Fast Alternative for Android Photos

In the Android fight for speed, Scalado Album is a faster alternative to Android gallery options. Scalado Album loads your pictures quickly and seemingly effortlessly, unlike the standard gallery app. Scalado’s goal to give users a responsive app is certainly achieved. Even zooming in and out occurs with the same ease and speed it takes to load a photo. [Read more…]

Facebook Camera App Debuts on iPhone

Facebook is not wasting any time putting its Instagram purchase to use. The social network released the Facebook Camera app today, which quickly uploads photos and adds Instagram-like effects to those images. [Read more…]

Tracks Shares Photos with Private Networks

Tracks seeks to be the cure for Instagram fatigue.

With social photography being all the rage, it may fill a niche for those who like photo editing and tinkering features without broadcasting every image to the entire planet. [Read more…]

I’d Cap That for iPhone is Nonstop Humor

Always looking for fun, entertaining apps? I’d Cap That is a great app to choose. It capitalizes on the popular trend of snarky captions accompanying a photo.

[Read more…]

Snapheal for Mac Review

Snapheal is an easy to use photo editing software for Mac. Snapheal utilizes six different categories to make the editing process as simple and straightforward as possible: Erase, Clone & Stamp, Retouch, Adjust, Crop, and Rotate/Flip. [Read more…]

Birds Pro HD Finds Feathered Friends

Bird enthusiasts will love the app Birds Pro HD. It is a tasteful and easy to use Bird guide with pictures and sounds and over 400 different types of bird calls are available to identify and learn about. [Read more…]

Post to Instagram with Snapseed Update

The excellent iOS photo app Snapseed now gives users the ability to post directly to Instagram. The 1.4 update also improves the various photo filters as well as additional language support. [Read more…]

Instagram for Android Review

The wait for Android users is over. Instagram, the beloved iPhone app, has finally been released for Android. Google Play officially launched the app on Tuesday.

Overall, most Android users will say that this app was well worth the endless wait. It’s not hard to believe that Instagram for Android is a huge hit. According to Mashable, over 1 million Android users downloaded the app within the first 24 hours of its release. [Read more…]

Review: Photoshop Touch for iPad

Using a full version of Photoshop on an iPad has been, for many, a longtime dream. After being available on Android tablets for a while, those wishes are fulfilled with Photoshop Touch for iPad (though only iPad 2 and above). Those who have been wanting Photoshop should be delighted by how much functionality Adobe has built into its application. In performs very well and may cause some to rethink what kind of productivity is possible on a tablet. [Read more…]

Swap Facial Features in FaceSwipe

Looking for a quick laugh and funny app? FaceSwipe jumbles up faces of you and your friends to make a funny picture and share with each other.  [Read more…]

Explore Big Apple in Time Shutter New York

Time Shutter New York follows up its San Francisco counterpart with another excellent, historic tour through New York City. The Time Shutter apps provide a graphic history of a city (Chicago and London are planned next) through classic images and historical snippets. The app intersperses user photos with historical images for a unique keepsake. [Read more…]

Trover Improves Photo Discovery

Photo-sharing app Trover boosted its social features today, adding tagging, an upgraded newsfeed and lists. The Seattle-based startup is not looking to build just another photo-sharing app; the focus in Trover is location discovery: users are encouraged to geo-tag images of local finds to foster exploration. [Read more…]

Snapseed for Mac Review

Snapseed was a runaway smash on iOS with its insanely easy photo editing capbilities. Nik Software now seeks to translate that success to the Mac. For those looking for an iPhoto alternative, Snapseed is a tremendous option. While it won’t manage your photo collection, it is the best tool for casual edits and creative overhauls. [Read more…]

Snapseed Takes iPad App of the Year

Snapseed pulled off the App Store equivalent of the Heisman Trophy, winning the nod as the iPad App of the Year. Snapseed boasts an impressive set of photo editing prowess for the iPad and iPhone. [Read more…]