The Pope App is Conclave Ready

the-pope-appSo there may not be a Pope right now (Sede Vacante for those who want to touch up on their Latin), but there still is an app.

The Pope App is a good resource for those who want to follow the ecclesiastical sweepstakes soon taking place at the Vatican. For an institution as ancient as the Roman Catholic Church, it has an impressive amount of multimedia contained in its mobile app for iOS and Android.

The sidebar menu contains links to the articles, videos and radio broadcasts from, which is an official Vatican news source. There are also a number of live webcam feeds from locations such as St. Peter’s Square.

The recent events of Benedict XVI’s resignation triggered a number of articles and videos, which make for interesting content for anyone interested in modern religious trends. The pope’s final days include video of his last address as well as the helicopter journey to the Papal version of Camp David. There is also a link to an archive of the @pontifex Twitter account, which has now been wiped clean and contains the icon used for a vacant papacy.

For those looking for further news on all things Pope, there are several other official and unofficial applications for one’s perusal. [Read more…]

Press 1.1 Improves Elegant Android RSS App

Press, the best RSS reader for Android, is out with an update which enhances what is already a great reading experience. The new version makes the performance quicker and adds some features that will be helpful for power users who want to blast through a large number of articles.

Unsatisfied with the current state of RSS readers on Android, developers Jordan Beck and Jay Ohms created an app that demonstrates how design is quickly improving on Android. It is another sign that since Jelly Bean many Android developers are stepping up their game to make the platform rival iOS when it comes to polish and beauty. To navigate through articles, users can swipe forward and back to quickly view an article and return to the list. [Read more…]

CNET Android App Improves

The CNET Android app is one of an increasing number of applications getting parity with its iOS counterpart.

With version 2.0, the app now has much of the same interface and performance found in the iPhone app, which makes it far more enjoyable to use. The previous version was rather rudimentary and had a significant amount of wasted space.

With the new CNET Android app, featured articles get large play at the top of the screen, with five main options to swipe through. Scroll through article posts, and of course share them with the excellent Android sharing tool.  [Read more…]

Pocket is Excellent Replacement to Read it Later

Pocket, the revamped version of the former Read it Later, is highly recommended as a go-to service for saving articles, videos, and images across mobile platforms and web browsers. Gone are the premium apps – all are now free across iOS and Android. [Read more…]

MustKnow News App Brings Top 10 Stories Hourly to iPhone

Are you always on the go and never have time to stay updated on world news? The MustKnow news app is a great app for the job. MustKnow News gives you the top ten news stories of the hour. You can choose to receive news from around the world or filter your settings to receive news updates only from a country of your choice.

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Today in History for iPhone Review

History geeks will find time slipping away with the Today in History app for iPhone. It has a great list of historical snippets that link to Wikipedia articles, which is the perfect way to venture into the past. [Read more…]

App Sale: Gameloft’s Android Games Now 99 Cents

Android games who may be enjoying Ice Cream Sandwich have another treat: nearly all of Gameloft’s titles in the Android Market are currently $0.99 through Jan 5.  [Read more…]

News Republic Review

An increasing number of smartphone and tablet apps are battling to be your primary news reader. News Republic is one of the underdogs, as it takes on an a crowded field against the likes of Apple-favorite Flipboard or Google’s Currents. While News Republic does not have the same visual splash or robust content as all of its competitors, it has some interesting features that make it worth investigating. [Read more…]

Steve Jobs dies at 56

Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and chief visionary, died Wednesday. Jobs endured a long battle with pancreatic cancer. [Read more…]

Revamped Slate for iPhone Impresses

With a recent redesign Slate Magazine’s iPhone app makes it an excellent option for those who want to tackle longer form reading on the iPhone. [Read more…]