Sliding Messaging Pro is Strong Android SMS Replacement

While the stock messaging app on Android does the job well enough, it lacks some of the features that power users are used to maximizing in other components of Android.

Unfortunately many of the third-party messaging apps are buggy or just plain ugly. Sliding Messenger makes a strong run at being feature-complete enough to take over one’s communication duties. As the name implies it uses the Jelly Bean-favored sliding panels to quickly move between a conversation, messaging list, or beginning a new SMS.

It also has more options for customizing the messaging experience. You can choose a different vibrating sequence and notification light; the former is something I missed when switching from an iPhone to a Galaxy Nexus (I since have moved on to a Nexus 4).  [Read more…]

MightyText Comes to Android Tablets

MightyText has shown that one doesn’t have to be locked into a proprietary messaging network in order to have a great, cross-platform tool.

MightyText, which has already created a great web app for keeping your SMS conversations synced between the web and an Android phone, now has a dedicated app for Android tablets.

This means if you have the MightyText Android app installed on your phone, you can send and reply to messages from your tablet, such as a Nexus 7 or Nexus 10.

Unlike iMessage, which only works with iOS devices, MightyText uses SMS to enable messaging to any mobile phone. [Read more…]

New imo messenger Update Strengthens Social App

With a revamped look, imo messenger looks to be the default messaging and voice app on your mobile phone. The image retooling and other improvements keep imo messenger in the top tier of social apps for Android and iOS devices.

While Android owners have a solid Google Talk client, keeping up with multiple accounts can be a pain. The same situation exists on the iPhone; not to mention those who use both platforms.

If you have achieved any level of geekdom, you may have an account from Google Talk, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, or a myriad of other services (somewhere in my Gmail archive is the credentials for an  ICQ account). Jumping between five different apps to continue multiple conversations is a pain.

So far imo messenger is the best cross-platform messaging app I have used. It works very well with iOS 6, the iPhone 5 screen size, and Android 4.2. To begin either create an account or sign in to an existing service. Connect as many as you wish – imo instant messener will remember your credentials.

[Read more…]

Six3 Video Share Simplifies Messaging

Messaging is a very busy space in mobile, so it is not surprising for another entrant to come in with a new app. Six3 Video Share focuses on video messages, making a refreshingly different entry by creating an easy way to share such communication.

Generally video or face-to-face messages is not my preferred method of sharing, but I came to like the way Six3 Video Share was set up. Like other great apps, it takes a function that may seem intimidating and makes it far simpler.

Six3 CEO and cofounder Tim Grimsditch said the app is seeing a lot of use from those who find it more convenient to use the app than live, face-to-face messaging.

“People with friends and family living abroad find Six3 easier than pre-arranging Skype or phone calls,” he said. [Read more…]