Duo Gamer Controller Review

If a new iPad was under your tree, you may have wondered if some of those first-person shooters could be better served with a controller.

Fortunately, the answer is “yes.” Fresh off of a discount, the Duo Gamer controller offers a well-built controller for navigating through Modern Combat or other games created by Gameloft.

Many of the initial reviews balked at its original price of $79.99, which was entirely too high. Gameloft appears to have heard this concern, recently dropping the price almost in half to $39.99.

Outside of feeling a little bulky with its awkward shape, the Gameloft DUO Controller is a great tool. It includes a stand that, while also a little large, does a good job at propping up the screen so it is at eye level.

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iRig Stomp Review

IK Multimedia, the company behind the iRig line, has been busy cranking out high-quality music devices that work with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Anyone who is serious about music and wants to pair up an iOS device with their garage studio should seriously consider iRig Stomp.

The latest device is the iRig Stomp, which is a compact stompbox that integrates with the company’s line of apps for iOS. While it is smaller than a traditional stompbox, it is surprisingly durable and works with the company’s family of apps. It also will work with an existing petalboard or amp.

A great combination is to use iRig Stomp with AmpliTube for general music making or AmpliTube Slash for toying around with famous songs from the legendary rocker. [Read more…]