Orc Vengeance Update Improves Controls


One of the best games of the year has a significant new improvement to its control scheme. Orc: Vengeance, my favorite game to hit iOS in 2012, now has a virtual control stick and on-screen button layout that greatly improves the gaming experience. I found one can quickly attack enemies and maneuver through the game with much greater ease.

I find it more natural to play with the joystick, as the previous method of tapping where you wanted to go to become a little tiring over time. The new controls are positions so one can easily hold the iPad with two hands, much like a game controller. [Read more…]

ORC: Vengeance Review

ORC: Vengeance is an impressive game that will remind players of  Diablo. Prepare to take on swarms of evil creatures aiming at you.

You play as Rok, a gladiator war chief with plenty of weaponry and grit to use against your enemies. It plays like a true action RPG, as you must maneuver through castles and dungeons, fighting off the enemies and collecting free weapons. [Read more…]

Puzzle Quest 2 is Challenging, Long Ride

Puzzle Quest 2 pairs a role-playing game with gem-matching puzzles for a surprisingly fun, but lengthy game.

Once players pick a warrior to play as, their journey begins. This game is pretty straight forward; menus are easy to navigate through and “Battles” take the form of a gem-matching puzzle in which matching like-colored gems gives the player bonuses and spells and matching skulls which decreases the opponent’s health. [Read more…]

Review: The Sims Medieval for iPhone

Variations of The Sims are no strangers to iOS or Android, with multiple versions of the games on the respective platforms. The Sims Medieval is the latest to hit iOS, allowing players to conquer the Dark Ages with the usual wit and humor found in an episode of The Sims. [Read more…]