Noble Nutlings is Quirky Fun

Noble Nutlings carries the subtle influence of Angry Birds into its clever use of physics and zany characters. The game puts players in control of a a group of legless squirrels piloting bath tubs and other unusual modes of transportation. Noble Nutlings is the work of Boomlagoon, a new gaming studio created by three former Rovio developers.

Players must tilt their iOS device (sorry Android gamers) to zip the squirrels through a variety of obstacles and airborne adventures. Noble Nutlings succeeds by offering customization and original characters in a very playable game.  [Read more…]

Super Dragon Review: Kid-Friendly Fun

For those looking for a solid game to hold the attention of a child or child-like adult, give a glance to Super Dragon. It includes many of the elements that work very well in mobile games; physics-based play, gestures, a fun character, and lots of gimmicky noises and zany gameplay.

The aim is to get Super Dragon’s teeth back. Do this by launching him into the air through a Jenga-like collection of obstacles. By blasting through the refrigerators, washing machines, and other items Super Dragon can get his chompers to fall harmlessly back to earth and into his mouth.

The challenge accelerates given the larger number of obstacles that separate Super Dragon from his teeth. If not careful, they will knock him senseless, ending the game. There are a number of protective devices, such as an umbrella or helment, which players can acquire in order to protect the happy dragon. [Read more…]

Where’s My Water is Starbucks Pick of the Week

The clever and kid-friendly Where’s My Water is the Starbucks Pick of the Week until Tuesday, when the options refresh again. Next time you are craving a caffeinated beverage be sure to look for the free app card, as it is a very well-done game that has an Angry Birds kind of addiction. [Read more…]

Tango Chase is Kid-Friendly Gaming Fun

Tango Chase is a fun physics-based game where you control a monkey on the quest for bananas an other treasures. It makes for a solid time killer when you find yourself stuck in line somewhere or in need of a distraction. Those looking for another good kid-friendly game will find much to like here as well.  [Read more…]

Shark Dash is High-Flying Fun

Shark Dash applies a successful formula with flawless execution for another hit game. The physics-based game for iOS and Android has leaped to the top of the bestseller lists on the App Store and Google Play. [Read more…]

Underrated ‘Home Sheep Home’ is Smart, Challenging Game

Home Sheep Home 2 joins the original to make an excellent pair of games for thinkers. Players must maneuver a trio of sheep through a series of obstacles by stacking, pushing, and sending the sheep through the air. [Read more…]

Inertia: Escape Velocity is Gravity-Defying Fun

Inertia: Escape Velocity is an excellent platform game that combines physics-based play with conventional controls for an great experience. Gamers must control a Metroid-type of character in a challenging adventure through space. [Read more…]

The Hungry Pigs Review

Pigs have gotten a pretty bad rap thanks to those Angry Birds. The Hungry Pigs for iOS puts the swine in the spotlight as they battle feathered enemies. [Read more…]

Air Penguin Lands on Android

Visit Antarctica and the adventures it holds through Air Penguin on the Android Market.

The addictive game, previously available for just the iPhone, will keep any user playing for hours as a cute little penguin jumping and gliding through the Antarctic to save his pals. [Read more…]

iOS App Review: Contre Jour HD

Contre Jour HD is a beautiful, visually stunning game that deserves accolades for its appearance just as much as the gameplay. It lives up to the phrase “must-have” for iOS gamers. [Read more…]

iPhone App Review: Ninja Fishing

Ninja Fishing truly creates an Angry Birds-style addiction. The reason? Ninja Fishing combines the right element of simple gameplay with enough complexity to keep gamers hooked. [Read more…]

Review: Leap to Safety in Squid Escape for iPhone

With an overabundance of physics-based games in the App Store, it would seem there is not room for another competitor. However, Squid Escape does an excellent job at offering an original game that is quite fun to play. [Read more…]

Don’t Fall Off for iPhone Review

Don’t Fall Off is about exactly what it says – not falling off. It’s pretty fun though, especially for those who like the games that involve tilting the iPhone to control the character’s action.

[Read more…]

Review: Skipping Stone for iPhone

Hoping to capitalize on its success with Air Penguin, Gamevil is out with Skipping Stone, another simple game that may appeal to those looking for the next $0.99 download to keep them entertained while waiting in line. [Read more…]

Review: Mooniacs for iPhone, iPad, Android

Mooniacs, which launches today in the App Store and soon in Android Market, is a clever physics-based game that expands on the Angry Birds concept of flinging cartoon characters across the screen.

The Mooniacs are zany looking creatures that must recover Jujubees, which were lost in flight (it will make more sense later). [Read more…]