Snapheal for Mac Review

Snapheal is an easy to use photo editing software for Mac. Snapheal utilizes six different categories to make the editing process as simple and straightforward as possible: Erase, Clone & Stamp, Retouch, Adjust, Crop, and Rotate/Flip. [Read more…]

Google Drive Goes Live; Launches Android App

The wait for Google Drive is over. After some false starts and leaked screenshots, the long-rumored service from Google was announced today. Android users can now get the app from Google Play. An app for iOS is said to be coming soon.  [Read more…]

Post to Instagram with Snapseed Update

The excellent iOS photo app Snapseed now gives users the ability to post directly to Instagram. The 1.4 update also improves the various photo filters as well as additional language support. [Read more…]

New FileMaker Go 12 for iOS Surpasses 100,000 Downloads in First Week

FileMaker Go 12 for iPad and iPhone have done very well after dropping the price to free. The database apps surpassed 100,000 downloads in their first week. The apps can pair up with the desktop version of FileMaker for Mac and Windows

[Read more…]

FileMaker Pro 12 Launches; iOS Apps Now Free

FileMaker announced its newest version today, bringing deeper integration with iOS and snazzier template designs. The iPhone and iPad versions, called FileMaker Go, are now free. This removes a significant barrier that may have prevented wider use as they previously had a pricy tag.

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Race Illegal High Speed 3D for Mac Review

Game publisher Chillingo is spreading its gaming catalogue to the Mac with Race Illegal High Speed 3D. It is a decent street racing game that puts you behind the wheel to duel against an enemy racing gang. [Read more…]

News in Brief: Jurassic Park, Law & Order Release New Episodes

TellTale Games announced a number of new releases for  iOS, Mac and PC this week.

Jurassic Park: The Game Episode 3: “The Depths”

Gamers can now take dinosaurs on the go everywhere. Telltale’s cinematic journey continues the adventure in Episode 3: “The Depths” on iPad2. The group looks for a getaway through the dark maintenance tunnels that connect to the park, while being sought by persistent pursuers and carnivorous dinosaurs. [Read more…]

FileMaker Pro 11 Review

When it comes to database management, the FileMaker suite is king. Even in an era of free, web-based productivity tools many individuals, businesses and other organizations need something more robust.

FileMaker Pro is for those. It is heavy-duty software designed to track and maintain large amounts of data. It is an incredibly powerful tool, yet definitely targeted for individuals and organizations with the time and resources to engage all of its features.  [Read more…]

Snapseed for Mac Review

Snapseed was a runaway smash on iOS with its insanely easy photo editing capbilities. Nik Software now seeks to translate that success to the Mac. For those looking for an iPhoto alternative, Snapseed is a tremendous option. While it won’t manage your photo collection, it is the best tool for casual edits and creative overhauls. [Read more…]

Snapseed Coming to Mac, Android Tablets (Update: Now Live)

Photo editing app Snapseed is now available for the Mac. The popular photo editing application, which was Apple’s 2011 iPad App of the Year, is live on the Mac App Store. It is also planned to launch on Tegra-powered Android tablets. [Read more…]

Feed Me Oil for Mac Review

Feed Me Oil is already one of the most popular titles for iOS. Now on the Mac, the game retains much of the charm and challenge that made it successful. [Read more…]

Remembering Steve Jobs

We are all tech geeks now. And it’s because of Steve Jobs.

He freed technology from the business realm and made it a consumer passion. Now millions worldwide lust after the latest iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac computer. Nearly bankrupt 15 years ago when Mr. Jobs took over, Apple is now just behind Exxon as the world’s most valuable company. [Read more…]

ClassDojo: A Unique, Techy Tool for Teachers

For school teachers looking to keep the little monsters under control, ClassDojo is an engaging and innovative web app. It uses cute monsters and pop-up notices to instantly reward good behavior and admonish naughtiness.

Teachers create a “dojo monster” for each student in their class. Then using a projector or interactive whiteboard teachers can display reward points for traits like citizenship, listening, following directions or a creative insight. Similarly, a point can be deducted if a student is off task, out of their seat or being disrespectful. A large pop-up icon with the monster’s name flies on-screen, complete with a Foursquare-like icon for the specific behavior. There is a default list of behaviors, but these and icon choices can be customized. [Read more…]

Apple Offers Mac Buyers $100 App Store Cards

Apple’s back-to-school promotion for Mac purchases launched today, with a clear goal of getting students to explore the Mac App Store. Those who make a qualifying purchase with education pricing through September 20 get a $100 gift card to use on the Mac App Store, the App Store, the iTunes Store and the iBookstore. [Read more…]

Popular iOS, Mac Apps Among Apple Design Winners

Pulse News Reader was a winner in the iPad category.

Some of the more popular apps for iOS were among the winners of the Apple Design Award at the Worldwide Developers Conference this week.

Pulse News Reader,  Infinity Blade and Cut the Rope were among the winners in the iPad and iPhone categories. Also included in the awards is software for the Mac – although this year any winner must have been available through the Mac App Store.

Apple hands out the awards to recognize well-designed applications available in its app storefronts.

The full list of winners is on the next page. Clicking the highlighted name of each app will take you to the App Store to download it to your device.

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Apple to Unveil iCloud, Updates to iOS and Mac

Apple announced today that CEO Steve Jobs will again take to the stage June 6 to unveil its cloud-services offering, iCloud. Also on the agenda is a preview of iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion – the latest editions to Apple’s mobile and desktop software.

With iCloud Apple will look to top the cloud-based music and data services from Google and Amazon. Google recently launched its Music Beta service and Amazon has  been pushing its Cloud Drive and Cloud Player.

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Sparrow for Mac adds Facebook Integration

The Mac email app Sparrow is now more social with Facebook profile integration.

Mail contacts will now display a profile picture or Gravatar from Facebook friends.

The other version 1.2 interface improvements include a unified inbox for those with multiple accounts, the ability to create a rich text signature, several User Interface tweaks and, most importantly, the Sparrow dock icon now bounces.  [Read more…]

Quixey Leads the Way in App Search

Searching for apps can be a frustrating experience.

While both the App Store and Android Market have made strives to improve app  search and discoverability, much work remains.

Finding apps by function within Google or Bing can also be irritating, as you usually just get a list of links that is only sometimes relevant.

Enter Quixey. The app search engine, currently in private beta, identifies apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, the web and and specific browsers. It seeks to synthesize the fragmented information about the app ecosystems within one site. [Read more…]

Editorial: Why Apple Needs an iCloud

The wrong option can mean a long wait and plenty of misery.

Managing music is a pain. Whether it be through iTunes or other music software it is often difficult to transfer songs or organize them between several computers or smartphones.

So far, Amazon has the best solution with its Cloud Player. A user can upload the music collection to this web app and then play the songs from any computer or Android device. It is still clunky and light on features, but it is an excellent start for those seeking freedom from the tyranny of iTunes.

There have been plenty of rumors this week that Apple purchased the domain and may be looking at launching its cloud-based data service soon. In typical Cupertino fashion the company is probably working out all of the minuscule details before it goes live. This service can’t launch soon enough. Most people now have multiple computers, smartphones and music players between themselves and the rest of their family. Those who have ever tried to move a music collection to a new computer or re-sync an iPhone know the misery this can produce. [Read more…]

Evernote for Mac Gets Faster, More Social

Evernote for Mac got  a major boost today, making the popular note-taking app faster, more social and feature-rich.

The update creates more sharing options for notes, as they can be sent through Twitter, Facebook, or other options. Want audio? Just hit the new Audio Note button.

Evernote is an excellent cross-platform tool that syncs up notes with iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows and other platforms. If you use both Windows and Mac go with the latter, as it tends to get more frequent updates and better integration with the operating system.

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