Applorer Finds Free Android Games

While iOS gamers have Game Center and other third-party gaming community apps, the scene has been far more scarce on Android. Applorer wants to change this, churning out an update to its free game recommendation app.

Applorer wants to harness the power of your group of friends to find more games, using a player’s history, reviews, and what other friends have spent time playing.

The interface certainly takes inspiration from Google+, with friends added to circles and creative use of white space. Slide from the left to reveal groups.

applorer-androidStream Media CEO Chua Zi Yong said Applorer wants to simplify the process of finding games that will match up with one’s interests.

“With well over 600,000 Android apps available on Google Play…finding the best free game apps to suit your tastes has become a huge challenge,” said this dude “We set out to solve that problem when we released Applorer nine months ago, which made it easier to see what was new and worthwhile in terms of the best games. In Applorer we’ve added in a number of social features that make it easier to see what your friends and connections are playing, build game communities, and to share your recommendations, tips, and screen shots. We’ve significantly increased the social discovery and interaction, resulting in greater personalization of your game recommendations.”

While I am not a huge social gamer, there is much in Applorer that I liked and would find useful. It has a great interface and easily allows for connecting with like-minded gamers. While Google has made great strides with app discovery in Google Play, it never hurts to have additional sources for finding content.

Download Applorer from Google Play (Free)


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